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EdRecruit is an executive search firm with an expertise in the proprietary career school industry. We serve candidates and companies with an individual attention and integrity that is unparalleled. Since 1999 we have been offering our services to some of the most recognized companies in the career college industry as well as newer companies that are just making a footprint. We are available to serve the largest, for-profit organization as well as a start up that is making its grand entrance. We encourage you to view our “advantages” to get a better understanding of why EdRecruit is an exceptional choice.

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You have come to the right place. EdRecruit can offer answers to the most frequently asked questions. For example, what is the next logical step in my career? What qualifications do I need for a particular position? What is a company going to be looking for? Am I ready for advancement? Our firm is equipped with the answers to questions that often come up when an individual embarks on a job search. We will work with you to ensure that your career goals and individual background will be given the consideration and time that it deserves. Please view our “advantages” to learn why EdRecruit is a wise choice when looking for a position in the career school industry.

Mission Statement: EdRecruit is completely committed to confidential and selective management search and placement services for proprietary career schools. We conduct each management search with sensitivity to individual goals and needs with the central purpose of making a true match with efficiency and professionalism. Client and candidate searches are limited to management and supervisory positions in career education.